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Zhiyun’s new smartphone gimbal is here to take the DJI OM 4’s crown

Zhiyun has just announced its latest smartphone gimbal, the Smooth Q3, which looks to give you stable video on the go whilst also undercutting DJI in a massive way.

This time around, the design has changed quite a bit over the Zhiyun Smooth Q2, with the Q3 sporting a more ergonomic grip to better fit in the hand, alongside a rearrangement of the control panel, with a zoom rocker now available on the device as well as a trigger for quick functions such as ‘smart follow’ and jumping between landscape and portrait mode.

In a move that’s sure to appeal to vloggers and TikTokers, the Smooth Q3 now boasts a 4,300k warm light which can be used in both the front facing and rear-facing format. Having a built-in light on the gimbal should go a long way in helping content creators on a budget, and with offering an extra bit of help in low-light scenarios.

Zhiyun Smooth Q3

Despite these changes, the Smooth Q3 is actually lighter than its predecessor, coming in at just 340g, with the ability to carry a payload of up to 280g.

What’s really caught our attention however is the Smooth Q3’s price. For context, the Smooth Q2 retailed at £139 at launch, but the Smooth Q3 will be coming in at the significantly lower cost of just £85.

There is a combo pack that includes a carry case and several other add-ons for £105, but either way, the Smooth Q3 massively undercuts the DJI OM 4 which retails at £139. We’ll have to wait until testing to see if the Zhiyun ecosystem can match all of the features offered by the OM 4 and the DJI Mimo app, but you can expect our full review in due course.

In the meantime, you can always check out our DJI OM 4 review, or if you have a bit more cash to splash in your vlogging journey, you should definitely read our Sony ZV-1 review.

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