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xCloud on the web preview imminent, bringing Xbox classics to iPhone

Microsoft is reportedly testing the browser-based version of its xCloud portion of Game Pass Ultimate, with a beta not too far away.

The Verge has obtained screenshots of the cloud-based platform running on a web browser and sources say a public beta is due to arrive in the weeks to come.

The images published alongside the report shows a super-clean interface within the Edge browser. Gamers can see the recently added games and those leaving the platform soon. They also have the opportunity to browser categories like classic, indie, sports & racing or browse all cloud games.

Once games are launched, they will run in full screen, the report says. Of course, gamers will need an Xbox controller in order to enjoy the action, as well as a Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which costs £10.99 a month (the first three months are just £1 for new users)

There’s no news yet on the resolution and frame rate these titles will operate on, however we can’t expect 4K gaming until Microsoft changes the server infrastructure to its next-gen consoles.

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The launch of the browser-based solution will open up xCloud via the web browser for iOS devices and provide another option for Android devices, and likely a range of other platforms, for those with a Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Microsoft has been forced to turn to a web-based version of the service in order to get around Apple’s App Store restrictions, while xCloud is already available on Android through the official Xbox app. Game Pass Ultimate includes access to over 100 console quality games, plus the EA Play library, access to first-party games and the ability to play in the cloud.

Available titles include Forza 4, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Madden 20, Gears 5, Destiny 2, The Elder Scrolls V, ARK Survival Evolved and many, many more.

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