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What is Twitter Super Follow? New money-spinning feature explained

Popular Twitter users will soon be able to charge followers a monthly fee for special content as part of a feature called Super Follow.

In examples showed by Twitter during its Virtual Analyst Day, accounts will be able to charge $4.99 a month to followers who want exclusive content and special tweets.

In a screenshot showcasing the Super Follow feature, Twitter used the examples of exclusive content, subscriber-only newsletters, deals and discounts, and access to community groups. Oh and there’ll be supporter badges that subscribers can place in their own profiles.

Super Follow content may still appear within the regular timelines, but only subscribers will be able to view and interact with those tweets.

Twitter says this is a way for content creators to be compensated for their efforts, while the company takes a cut too. Effectively, it’ll be a little like a built-in version of Patreon (or probably more like Only Fans) and gives Twitter a means to keep that money within its own platform.

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While the company showed the $4.99 price tag in the example, there’s likely to be a range of price points, with accounts able to set their own parameters. The company said it was also considering a one-off tipping option, but there’s no word on when the feature will launch in the wild and whether there’ll be a follower threshold to cross before accounts can start charging for extra content.

Twitter Communities coming too

As well as Super Follows, Twitter has also revealed Communities, which will allow people to gather around a specific interest.

The feature encourages users to join groups they’re interested in – the examples are #SocialJustice, Cats, Plants and Surf Gurlz. If you join a community, you’ll see more tweets in the timeline from other members. This could encourage new friendships around common interests.

twitter communities

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