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“We’re always actively researching technologies that could be the starting point of something fun” – My Nintendo News

Japanese news site The Nikkei recently had the chance to chat with Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa and conducted a fairly short interview. Mr. Furukawa addressed the issue of cloud gaming and streaming which is is being prioritised by companies such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Mr. Furukawa believes that new technological advances in the world of computing and gaming can certainly make a huge difference to the overall gaming experience and he concluded that the company is continuously looking at emerging technologies for future Nintendo systems and products. Here’s what he told The Nikkei:

“With the rise in popularity of smartphones, our strategy is to grow the population of people who play video games. People all over the world enjoying games by utilizing the various features of smartphones, personal computers, and dedicated gaming consoles.

I’m sure new offerings like cloud gaming and streaming will emerge, but they won’t be a top priority when choosing what game to play*. I think the most important things there are the contents of a game as well as the kind of games you can play.

On the other hand, technological advances can make a big difference to the gaming experience itself. Since this can happen at any time, we’re always actively researching technologies that could be the starting point of something fun.”

*Domestically, some players have a preference of hardware before software when choosing where and what games to play.

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