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This missing Apple MagSafe accessory we all wanted, might be on the way

When Apple announced its new MagSafe wireless charging solution and didn’t include a magnetic portable battery pack, it was somewhat of a surprise.

We got wallets, car holsters and wireless charging pads. However, what better use of the technology than replenishing your iPhone battery on the go, without the need to plug into a traditional wired external battery pack?

Now it seems Apple may be atoning for the initial absence, according to a report from the oft-spot-on Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. Gurman says Apple has been developing a portable MagSafe battery for more than a year. In fact he says it was scheduled to launch alongside the other accessories that arrived with the iPhone 12.

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The report explains why it may have been delayed for the last few months following the iPhone 12’s arrival last October. Indeed, it could still be scrapped altogether due to the development challenges until this point. Let us not forget the issues that caused Apple to cancel its three-pronged AirPower solution.

In internal testing, the magnetic attachment system has proved strong enough for the charging unit to stay in place, but the accessory’s development has been slowed by software issues such as the iPhone erroneously indicating that the pack is overheating. Apple also has been working to mend issues related to a customer switching between using the device on an iPhone sometimes with and without a case.

According to the report, the new battery may have a rubber exterior and will not be part of a protective battery case, unlike the battery cases Apple currently ships. This promises to be a less bulky solution in some ways, and deployable only when the iPhone owner requires a little extra juice to get over the line.

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