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This is our first proper look at the OnePlus Watch

OnePlus is set to announce its next flagship phone on March 23 and that won’t be the only product that gets some limelight during the show.

Alongside the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro, we’ll also see the official unveiling of the brand’s first smartwatch – the OnePlus Watch.

The picture, tweeted by Unbox Therapy, shows a fairly standard looking circular wearable with a couple of buttons on the side and a plastic strap. Unless it is hiding on the other side, it doesn’t seem like they’ll be a crown for navigation. All pretty ordinary stuff we must say.

While this snapshot doesn’t seem overly exciting, the Watch itself should turn out to be a little more interesting. In another tweet, OnePlus Founder and CEO Pete Lau said the watch will use a ‘premium material never before seen in a smartwatch’.

OnePlus Watch features

We don’t have every single feature confirmed for the upcoming OnePlus Watch, however OnePlus is a company that loves to share details before launch.

In a forum post, Lau detailed a couple of interesting nuggets including seamless connectivity between OnePlus devices and the fact it won’t run Wear OS. Instead, it’ll be powered by an operating system based on RTOS.

This should, hopefully, lead to far better battery life than some of the other best smartwatches we’ve reviewed.

Another leak details the specs further, noting that it’ll have an IP68 rating (a must for a watch), Warp Charge and 4GB storage. They’ll also be plenty of activity tracking, including sleep, stress, heart rate and blood saturation monitoring. Things like pricing and release date are still unknown at this stage.

Expect to see the OnePlus Watch detailed further during the launch event, which takes place March 23 at 2PM GMT. We’ll be bringing you all the information on the Watch, plus all news surrounding the new phones.

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