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Third-party Apple ‘Find My’ access moves a giant leap closer

Apple is moving a step closer to opening up its handy Find My network to third-party devices with a new app for ‘Made for iPhone’ product makers.

Using the new Find My Certification Assistant application, device makers will be able to test their products for compatibility with Apple’s location-tracking app and network.

It is thought one of the first new products will be Apple’s own Tile-like AirTags trackers. However, it’ll also open up to others to join the fray, including Tile itself.

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The app enables users to test whether the product has the requisite connectivity and ability to play sounds in order to alert owners to the precise location, once the device has been detected. Firmware and key management tests can also be assessed via the app.

“Use the Find My Certification Assistant to test discovery, connection and other key requirements for accessories you develop that incorporate Find My network technology,” the app description says (via TechCrunch).

Apple first announced last summer that it was opening up the Find My app to third-party products, beyond its own range of products, and it’s thought this change will come into effect with the incoming iOS 14.5 update.

AirTags are well overdue, judging by the opinions of most observers. They were expected last autumn alongside the new iPhone 12 models, but it wasn’t to be. We were also hopeful of a spring event from Apple, in March, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet either.

However, whether AirTags arrive soon or not, it appears Apple is about to make it easier for people to keep track of all sorts of devices minus the need to add an additional tag. The sooner the update arrives, the better.

Are you excited for AirTags? Or are you quite happy with Tile? Let us know @trustedreviews on Twitter.

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