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The Withings Body Cardio scale can now tell you how old your heart is

As of today, a brand new feature for determining the age of a person’s heart will be made available on the Withings Body Cardio scale.

Known as Vascular Age, this feature will measure the time it takes for blood to reach the feet after being ejected from the heart, and compare that result with the data you’d typically find in a healthy heart in your respective age group.

According to Withings, your Vascular Age can be determined in less than 30 seconds and shown via the Withings Health Mate App, alongside helpful workout and nutritional advice on how you can improve it.

Commenting on the new feature, Withing CEO Mathieu Letombe said: “Body Cardio redefines how people use connected scales by providing them with a tool to manage their weight as well as their cardiovascular health. By simply stepping on their scale each morning, Body Cardio will provide the type of cardiovascular assessment people normally only receive at a doctor’s office. By linking the information to age, an index everyone understands, we are making it easy for people to stay informed and motivated to make healthy choices.”

Withings Body Cardio Vascular Age

Understanding heart health has become an increasingly important feature in the tech industry, with the inclusion of an electrocardiogram (ECG) test being a key selling point in both the Apple Watch and Withings ScanWatch. According to the World Health Organisation, an estimated 17.9 million people are affected by cardiovascular diseases each year, which explains why we’ve seen such a push towards fitness trackers being more inclusive of cardiovascular data.

Even though it’s already been on the market for a few years – and was originally known as the Nokia Body Cardio – the Withings Body Cardio is still the company’s most premium smart scale. While the scale originally scored a 3-star rating, the inclusion of Vascular Age as well as a noticeable price decrease in the time since its release mean that it could be time to take the Withings Body Cardio out for another round of testing.

Here was our original verdict: “In the end, the Nokia Body Cardio is expensive once you consider the actual value of all of those metrics. It will be overkill for most and, arguably, Withings’ Body (non-Cardio) scale is a better choice, since it drops the heart rate and PWV measurement but saves you £50.”

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