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The iPhone XS Max is now cheaper than the iPhone SE 2 with this offer

That’s right, by picking up an Apple-verified refurbished iPhone XS Max via Loop Mobile’s eBay store, the phone can be yours for just £331.15.

Because this is a Certified Refurbished model, the phone was already reduced to £359.95, but by using the code PROMO8 at the checkout, you can bring it down by an extra £28.80 until the code expires on May 13.

Deal: iPhone XS Max for just £331.14 (use code PROMO8)

At that price, the iPhone XS Max is a heck of a lot more affordable than the iPhone SE’s going rate of £399, so if you’ve been on the lookout for a decent iPhone that won’t break the bank, then this is one of the best options you can go for right now.

Since the massive major design rethink that happened with the iPhone 11, and has only continued with the iPhone 12, the iPhone XS range probably gets overlooked a bit too often these days, but it wasn’t that long ago that the iPhone XS Max was the most premium top-tier iPhone money could buy (and a lot of money at that, with an RRP of £1099).

While the original price was a bit questionable, the iPhone XS Max offers superb value for under £350, with its headline feature being a gorgeous 6.5-inch OLED display that’s perfect for watching films and TV shows on the go.

The two rear cameras (one wide, one telephoto) can still capture tremendous shots as well. While the phone unfortunately doesn’t benefit from the leaps in night-time photography that Apple unveiled in the iPhone 11, these two cameras can still offer great colour balance and a very natural looking bokeh effect.

Deal: iPhone XS Max for just £331.14 (use code PROMO8)

Receiving a four-star rating in our review, the iPhone XS Max came away with a Trusted Reviews Recommended badge, with Deputy Editor Max Parker surmising: “If you’re coming from an older iPhone ‘Plus’ model and have the money to spare, you’ll notice a significant difference for the good by switching to the XS Max. It’s everything that was great about those phones, but with the modern design and stunning screen from the iPhone X.”

That sentiment still rings true today, and particularly at this price. If you’re ready to upgrade to one of Apple’s recent flagship iPhones, then be sure to jump at this fantastic iPhone XS Max deal why you still can.

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