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The free Katana ZERO DLC is now 6x bigger than planned – My Nintendo News

Katana Zero developer Askiisoft has been working hard on delivering the indie hit’s free downloadable content and today they have revealed that it is currently six times bigger than previously planned. In a new blog post the team says that the DLC is a bit over half the size of the main game and that it is less like a downloadable content and more like Katana 1.5. Askiisoft says they are not ready to announce a release date just yet. Katana Zero is available now on the Switch eShop.

“The free Katana ZERO DLC will be 6x the original planned size. That’s a bit over half the size of the main game. This means more levels, mechanics, enemies, bosses, and intertwined story elements. It’s less like a DLC and more like Katana 1.5.”

When will it come out?

“The short answer is – I don’t know yet. There’s a ton of content finished, but this is a large project and I’m aspiring to the same level of quality and attention of the base game. I’m also still doing all the programming and design myself – this is my passion project after all. But don’t fret! The game is progressing at a healthy pace, and the whole dev team is working full steam on production. The DLC won’t be expanding anymore either – the plan is set and now we’re focused on finishing it.”


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