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Spotify’s new mood playlists have songs you actually like

Spotify has been making mood-based playlists for ages now, but tuning into ‘Good Vibes’ will not provide anything of the sort, if it’s loaded with ‘epic anthems’ you actively dislike.

Now Spotify is making it easier to ensure the playlist to match your mood is loaded with your favourite songs. The streaming giant is rolling out a way to make genre and mood playlists based upon your ‘Liked Songs’ collection.

From today, users will be able to filter their favourite songs with up to 15 moods and genre categories. So, you’re pretty much guaranteed a playlist of bangers, whether you’re seeking happy hits or sad songs.

The new filters include Rap, Trap, Chill, Folk, Electronic and Indie, according to a video posted by Spotify in the blog post today. We’re not seeing the update on our iOS account just yet, but here’s how the Filter feature will work.

Go to “Your Library” and tap on “Liked Songs.”
Then, tap one of the filters at the top of the playlist header to display all the tracks that fall under that mood or genre.
When you’re ready to move to another mood or genre, simply tap the “X” next to the genre or mood to disable the filter and return to your full “Liked Songs” collection.

Spotify says the new feature is coming to the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia on iOS and Android initially, so you should be seeing the update soon.

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In a blog post, Spotify explains: “Your “Liked Songs” on Spotify are a collection of you—spanning every genre you’ve ever enjoyed and each mood you’ve experienced. Some days, you might be looking to play the entire eclectic mix, while on others, you’re searching for a certain feel.

“Starting today, Spotify is rolling out a new way for our listeners to easily sort their “Liked Songs” collection for every mood and moment through new Genre and Mood filters.”

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