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Sonos March 9 Event: Headphones? New outdoor speaker? Or both?

Sonos is holding a ‘special event’ on March 9, amid rumours the multi-room audio company is planning to further its outdoor endeavours.

In an invite sent to the media on Wednesday, Sonos invited the media to join at 1pm PST (9pm UK time) for what’s likely to be a product announcement or two.

The image accompanying the invite also lends itself to the idea Sonos is switching its focus to al fresco audio in this instance. It features a person seemingly having a lovely time taking an enjoyable stroll through a field, backpack in toe.

Recent rumours and regulatory filings have suggested a smaller version of the Sonos Move portable speaker might be on the way.

We’ve also seen a patent filing emerge for what would be the company’s first ever pair of headphones and a rival to the likes of Apple’s new AirPods Max over-ear cans.

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A new filing at the German Patent and Trademark Office uncovered by The Verge appears to show the planned design for the Sonos active noise cancelling headphones (above). It appears there’ll be USB-C charging and a port for a 3.5mm cable. The design looks quite standard for the sector of the market, although there are refinements compared to a previous filing at the US patent office.

A pair of Sonos headphones may fit quite well into the company’s overall ecosystem. Users could seamlessly transfer their tunes from the cans to the home system. Or, if it gets a little late at night, transferring from the Sonos Beam sound bar to the headphones might be pertinent.

As for the smaller version of the Sonos Move, a recent patent filing suggested it will consume less power and be more of a rival to some of the more prominent Bluetooth speakers on the market. It could seek to contend with the UE Boom range and is likely to be more portable than the Sonos Move.

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