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Signia’s true wireless style Active Pro aims to combat hearing aid stigma

Signia – one of the world’s leading hearing aid brands – has announced its new Active Pro range, a hearing aid that emulates the look and features of a true wireless earbud.

Hearing aids aren’t usually a news topic we write about at Trusted Reviews, but Signia’s new range has piqued our attention. The aim of the wireless earbud aesthetic for the Active Pro is to combat the hearing aid stigma held by many people, encouraging those who suffer from hearing loss to find a solution tailored to their needs.

According to Signia, the introduction of the Active range presents an entirely new category in the hearing industry, offering hi-tech prescription audio that’s easy-to-fit – much like a wireless earbud. As hearing loss is a condition specific to the individual, the Active range features Signia’s Xperience YourSound technology for superior speech understanding in noisy environments tailored to the wearer’s needs.

The earbud-like offering continues with its feature set. There’s Bluetooth connectivity for music, streaming and making calls, with a Lithium-ion battery that’s good for 26 hours, and Qi wireless charging compatibility via the pocket-sized Signia Active Charger.

What’s more, the Signia Active also supports the Signia Assistant – an AI digital butler that offers 24/7 support via the Signia app (Android/iOS). The AI assistant continually optimises the support it provides to learn the preferences of the wearer, in order to deliver the “most personal experience possible”.

Also inside the Signia app, the assistant can provide the following features:

  • Tailored settings for more clarity and best speech comprehension in any situation,
  • Intuitive text-based dialogue and how-to videos, as well as answers to questions about the handling of the hearing aids,
  • Higher quality of follow-up appointments thanks to “real-world usage insights”.

Emma Jones, Brand Manager at Signia UK, said: “We know it can often be difficult for consumers to overcome a resistance to ‘traditional’ hearing aids. We hope our new ‘hearable-style’ design will help many feel more comfortable and confident to start their hearing journey.”

The Signia Active range will be available through selected national retailers and independent hearing care practices from April 2021. Prices start from £999, depending upon the model and service package.

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