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Returnal just dropped to its lowest price yet – here’s how to get it

That’s right, the brand new PS5 exclusive that has everyone yelling at their TVs has just received a major price cut, with the eBay code PRICEWINS letting you knock £15 off the price tag.

Given that Returnal has only been out for a few days (and is a triple-A next-gen console release at that), the game has launched with the eye-watering price tag of £74.99. If you were against the idea of dropping almost £75 on a new game (and who could blame you?) then this deal is just the ticket.

Deal: Returnal on PS5 for just £59.99 (use code PRICEWINS) – was £79.99

By using the code PRICEWINS at the checkout, you can snag Returnal for the much more palatable price of £59.99, which is by far the lowest rate you can find it for right now.

Unless you’ve stayed away from the internet for the last few days, chances are you’ve caught the whirlwind of conversation that Returnal has kicked off online. Aside from being a brutal challenge in its own right, the game harkens back to old school titles by having no save feature whatsoever.

It’s a daunting prospect to be sure, particularly as once you die, you are sent right back to the beginning of the game. Only the most hardcore of gamers need apply, but what you’ll get in return is one of the most adrenaline pumping experiences found on a console.

After countless hours of dying, trying and dying again, I gave Returnal a much deserved 4.5-stars, concluding: “If you have a PS5 then you need Returnal. The game will absolutely trounce you with everything it’s got, but once the mechanics start to resonate and the overarching narrative gradually falls into place then it becomes near-impossible to put down. Returnal sets a new standard in the roguelike genre.”

Deal: Returnal on PS5 for just £59.99 (use code PRICEWINS) – was £79.99

Returnal was already a must-buy for PS5 owners at launch, but given that it’s now significantly cheaper, there’s no excuse not to pick up a copy.

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