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Rare’s Dinosaur Planet for N64 near final build released for all to play – My Nintendo News

Forest of Illusion has acquired a near final build of Rare’s unreleased Dinosaur Planet for the Nintendo 64 system and released it for everyone to play. As many of you will know the project was reimagined late in development and then released as Star Fox Adventures for the GameCube on 22nd September 2002

Miyamoto and Nintendo reviewed footage of the game, Shiggy mentioned the main character looked a lot like Fox McCloud, and the game was promptly reworked under using the Star Fox license, and released for the GameCube.


This build of Dinosaur Planet is the version that’s set just before the switch to the GameCube as it stars Fox in the game as the main protagonist. It is fantastic news that PC owners can play the original Dinosaur Planet game before it eventually became Star Fox Adventures. Check out some screens below:

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