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Vegan Lutein and Zeaxanthin Supplement for Eyes – 120 Capsules – Your Natural Eye Care Supplement in Capsule Form – Made in The UK

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Product Description



Eyesight varies between people, and various eye problems can interfere with the quality of our vision, but thankfully there is help. Two eye nutrients particularly important for vision support are lutein with zeaxanthin alongside. Another eye health vitamin that also supports good sight is vitamin C, which helps form the collagen in your eyes. Vitamin E is another eyesight supplement that can help reduce your chance of cataracts. By taking our easy to swallow capsules, you can have peace of mind that you’re supporting your eyes!


Our Eye Sense supplement is something special. Not only is it completely Vegan, it also contains no unnecessary non-active ingredients. Eye tablets are not always easy to swallow, they can be hard and stick in your throat and aren’t always easily absorbed by your body. That’s why our lovely product sits inside a vegan capsule. Easy for your body to break down & absorb and much easier to swallow. And you can always gently open our capsules and pour the contents in some water.

In the next section we explain how some of the ingredients in Eye Sense help your eye health.

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Our Vegan Eye Sense lutein eye vitamin is something special!

Not only is it vegetarian/vegan and approved Kosher
It contains no unnecessary ingredients and…
Is easy for your body to digest

Whether you’re looking for zeaxanthin with lutein or just good vision support for your eyes, look no further. We pride ourselves on using plant made capsules only. You will not find eye tablets in our range as tablets are potentially poorly disintegrated in the gastrointestinal tract and contain binders and other non-active ingredients.

Our vegan eye improvement supplements are all natural, odourless, tasteless and easy to swallow and we ensure the sensitive ingredients are well protected. And if you are not use to taking supplements, our vision capsules can be gently opened and the contents mix with some water.


Did you know?

Lutein with Zeaxanthin is particularly important for eye health. They are found in green leafy veg, peas, broccoli and goji berries. They are highly concentrated in the retina and absorb excess light energy to prevent damage from sunlight. They improve contrast sensitivity and visual performance helping you see clearer, slow the development and progression of cataracts.
Bilberry contains substances called anthocyanosides which do actually improve your night vision, as well as providing other vision support by relaxing the ciliary muscles. Bilberry jam was famously given to British Air Force pilots before night-time raids during the second war, and their success was partially attributed to their improved sight.
Beta-Carotene is an amazing eyesight supplement as it helps keep the eye surface moist and healthy (prevents dry eye) and reduces retinitis pigmentosa symptoms.
Vitamin C provides eye nutrition by building collagen in the eyes, reducing AMD progression, lowering cataracts risk.

Why Protea Wellness?

We believe that good supplements should be available to everyone!

There is so much choice, so how do you decide what supplements are right for you? Well, a good supplement is one that has been made with the highest quality of ingredients. We also feel that a supplement shouldn’t contain unnecessary ingredients, after all, why would you want to put anything unnecessary into your body?

By using Protea Wellness products, you can be absolutely sure that the supplements you take have been created with the best, pure and active ingredients.

About Protea WellnessAbout Protea Wellness

About Protea Wellness

We are a family run business and we set up Protea Wellness back in 2017.

The Protea flower is South Africa’s national flower and represents change and hope. We think that’s beautiful. It also fits perfectly with our ethos: “change is important” and “expect the best”. Change your life for the better, live it to the full and let our supplements aid your health and wellbeing during this exciting journey. So why not start that journey now?


120 capsules

120 capsules

120 capsules

120 capsules

120 capsules

120 capsules


Supports Healthy Muscle Function

Reduce Tiredness and Gently Support Sleep

Quickly Absorbed Essential Nutrients During Pregnancy

Improve your Energy Levels and Mood

Anti Inflammatory, Help Gently Reduce Pain over Time

Gentle absorption of natural eye health ingredients

Natural Eye Vitamin For Your Peace Of Mind – By using our lovingly made Vegan Eye Sense lutein capsules you can be assured that you’re getting absolutely All The Essentials to provide you with eye support. You only need 1 Easy To Swallow Small Capsule a day. The capsule shell is made of fibre found in fruit and veg. And if swallowing capsules is not your thing, you can easily open the capsules and mix the contents in water!
All You Need Is In Nature – Eye Sense is part of our More Than Vegan range of supplements, meaning it’s not just Vegan, it only contains Pure & Active Ingredients and nothing unnecessary like so many others! Now is the time to take care of your eyes, and let our vision supplements give you a Helping Hand! Contains Lutein and Zeaxanthin alongside many other eye health vitamins You Can Trust.
What Your Eyes Need – Our Vegan Eye Sense supplement is produced Exclusively In The Uk, so you are protected by the highest manufacturing standards. The result, a Beneficial Supplement with lutein for eyes. Our Vegan Formulation is Free From gluten, wheat, lactose, artificial preservatives and colourings. It’s also Vegetarian and Kosher Approved.
Help Support Endangered Animals – We proudly support African Wildlife Vets. For every Protea Wellness product you purchase, a donation goes to African Wildlife Vets who exist to prolong the life of endangered animal species.

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Vegan Lutein and Zeaxanthin Supplement for Eyes – 120 Capsules – Your Natural Eye Care Supplement in Capsule Form – Made in The UK


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