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Strong Trade Quality Long Handled Dustpan and Brush Set with Stiff Bristle Broom

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Price: £19.99
(as of Feb 18,2021 22:01:04 UTC – Details)

Product Description

The Dustpan and Brush StoreThe Dustpan and Brush Store

From time to time everyone knocks or drops something on the floor which needs cleaning up. Instead of pulling the hoover out or bending down on your hands and knees, a long handled dustpan and brush is the perfect alternative. This long handled dust pan and brush is the ideal set for cleaning up in and around your home. Made of quality materials and with function in mind it is one of the leading designs in today’s market. It is no wonder that this set is the highly rated for not only domestic but also commercial use and is used by fast food outlets up and down the country.


long handled dustpan

long handled dustpan

long handled dustpan and broom sweeping cleaning

long handled dustpan and broom sweeping cleaning

tall dustpan and broom brush

tall dustpan and broom brush

indoor outdoor dustpan and brush set

indoor outdoor dustpan and brush set

Stiff Bristles – Great On All Surfaces

No need for multiple sets or brushes, the brush on this dustpan set has stiff bristles, making it ideal for cleaning up on many different surfaces including:

Laminate Flooring
Tile Flooring
Hardwood Flooring
Kitchen Floors
Indoor Hard Surfaces
Outdoor Patios
Paved Surfaces
Large Concrete Areas

Large Capacity Pan – Easy Cleaning

The dustpan is perfect for cleaning up after any spills or messes. Indoor or outdoor this set will preform. It has a large capacity pan making it efficient, without the need for constant emptying. It sits flush to the floor with a straight front lip, ensuring maximum amounts of rubbish go directly into the dustpan.

Handles Clip Together For Storage

Both the dustpan and brush clip together for easily storing the set when not in use. They both also feature a hanging eye so they can be stored on a hook or peg if desired.

Durable, Strong and Built To Last

Not many companies take as much thought and care when designing such a daily used item. However this pan as you can see is built to last. It is made of good quality thick plastic which keeps the item light weight but also gives strength. It is not thin and brittle like many cheaper models.

Long Handled Dustpan and BrushLong Handled Dustpan and Brush

Top Rated For a Reason – 5 Star Reviews

***** 5 STARS *****

” The best dustpan and brush. I was sick of cheap alternatives and wasted money on three cheaper products. Very stiff brush and robust pan with a hard pan not a rubber lip and no dust or rubbish goes under the pan. ”

long handled dustpanlong handled dustpan

Easy Storage – Dustpan Clips Together with The Brush

Strong aluminium handles on both the dustpan and brush come together with this handy clip for storing together when not in use.

dust pan and brush with long handledust pan and brush with long handle

Its a Clean Sweep! The Perfect Long Handed Dustpan and Brush

As well as coming from one of the leading companies in the sector this set comes with great reviews and customer support. Any problems at all with the set the manufacturer will resolve.

✓ USE ALL AROUND YOUR HOME – The stiff bristle brush means the set can also be used on carpet. It is also ideal for use outdoors and can be used on patios or other hard surfaces which require sweeping – If you do wear the brush away replacements are available, so you don’t have to replace the whole set!
✓ STRONG – Metal aluminium handles mean both the dust pan and brush have strength. Perfect if you have back problems and rely on items like this to help you keep the home tidy and clean up after spills.
✓ TOP RATED – Long handled dustpan and brushes have been around for years, many are simply cheap and built with a budget in mind and forget the core function of the product. We aim to change that and that is why this product has such great reviews – Why settle for anything less!
✓ LEADING BRAND – Designed by The Dustpan and Brush Store with the end user in mind

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Strong Trade Quality Long Handled Dustpan and Brush Set with Stiff Bristle Broom


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