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SEEP Sustainable Kitchen Dishwashing Sponges Pack – Loofah Sponge Scourer – Cellulose Sponge – Eco Friendly – Natural Cleaning Products

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The Seep Company – All Natural Dishwashing and Kitchen Cleaning Sponges

The sustainable plant fibre loofah, cellulose, longer-lasting replacement for those green-topped bobbly plasticky sponges.

Why we LOVE these All-Purpose Kitchen Scourers
– Two Sided
– Plant based
– Loofah scourer top for scrubbing
– Cellulose sponge made from wood pulp
– 100% free from plastic
– 100% compostable
– Made from renewable sources
– Long-lasting approx 6-8 weeks
– Doesn’t degrade into micro-plastics
– Super absorbent
– Vegan friendly
– Reduction of waste into landfill & incinerators

What’s in the 100% recyclable box:
– 4 x biodegradable Seep sponges
– Up to 6 months use of cleaning
– A great feeling knowing you’re doing good for the world
– Zero waste
– 100% compostable products
– Cleaner kitchens, bathrooms and dishes when used

These compostable cleaning tools are designed to replace sponges and cloths which are predominantly made from virgin plastic and cannot be recycled.

Our products are made from renewable materials and we’ve designed these products with your home and the planet in mind.

All of our packaging are 100% recyclable from FSC sources.

How to use:
– Use our sponge and scourer to clean any surface
– For long-lasting use, clean off any residues, squeeze out water and air dry
– All of our packaging is 100% recyclable and FSC approved.

SEEP are officially a “B corp PENDING” this means our business is legally committed to doing the “right thing” for people & our planet.

✓ ECO-FRIENDLY KITCHEN SCOURERS – Long lasting and perfectly balanced abrasiveness means a superior cleaning experience in your kitchen. Using nature’s plant fibres to clean away stubborn marks and leave surfaces sparkling and residue-free all while being great for the environment. SEEP cellulose and natural fibre loofahs are cleaning products with a conscience.
✓ ZERO WASTE CELLULOSE SPONGES – 100% compostable and natural dishwashing sponges. Our kitchen sponges are two-sided. On one side is a more abrasive surface made from pure loofah plants (equivalent to the green side on the green & yellow sponges). The other side made from wood pulp cellulose sponge is for gentle scrubbing used on smooth surfaces not to scratch your dishes, cookware or kitchen work surfaces.
✓ SPARKLING CLEAN DISHES & KITCHENS EVERY TIME – Seep kitchen scourers are the perfect balance of rough and smooth surfaces for two in one cleaning. Long-lasting (approximately 6-8 weeks) they last longer than the usual green and yellow sponges. In addition to this, they are completely biodegradable, no micro-plastics and are compostable kitchen products. Clean your dishes & kitchens mindfully with “zero waste” to the planet.
✓ JOIN THE SEEP MOVEMENT – Your order of these dishwashing sponges helps to reduce the number of virgin plastics going into circulation and sponges going to landfill or incineration plants. Seep products support our charity partners with their reforestation projects. We are officially a “Climate Positive Company”. All our products are eco-friendly and sustainable.

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SEEP Sustainable Kitchen Dishwashing Sponges Pack – Loofah Sponge Scourer – Cellulose Sponge – Eco Friendly – Natural Cleaning Products


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