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How Kind People Get Tough: Assertiveness Tools, Tips, and Techniques for More Confidence and Happier Relationships

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Price: £12.99
(as of Feb 18,2021 19:39:52 UTC – Details)

Based on over 25 years helping clients learn communication skills, gain confidence and create happier, more secure relationships.

Do you find it hard to set boundaries? Do you wish you could speak up and be the authentic you, without pushing people away? Maybe you know that people pleasing isn’t getting you the respect you deserve but you can’t seem to break the habit.

If so you’re not alone. Many people struggle to be assertive because they worry that it will cause conflict, rejection or come across as unkind.

Yet it is perfectly possible to learn how to communicate from the heart and still be empowered; to be kind yet still command respect; and to use assertiveness to draw people closer rather than pushing them away.

How Kind People Get Tough will help you achieve this balance so that you can feel more confident and create happier relationships.

In this book you will learn how to:

  • Gain respect without coming across as arrogant or unkind
  • Speak your truth without fear of rejection
  • Be heard and acknowledged
  • Stop people-pleasing and feel confident in your own skin
  • Say no with confidence, and without feeling guilty
  • Know where you stand in your relationships

This book is special in that it goes beyond teaching basic assertiveness skills. It explains why we human beings have an innate struggle with assertiveness, and it teaches you how to get past those fundamental blocks.

Packed full of case studies, tools, tips, and techniques, this much loved book also includes your free Online Companion Course to help you put those skills into practice.

Here’s just a few of the comments people are making about How Kind People Get Tough (scroll down to the reviews to read more)

Absolutely fantastic read!

All I can say is this book has been one of the best in it`s field that I have ever read. It`s a modern day elite toolkit for surviving life. Very well done Marléne!

I highly recommend this book.

I couldn’t put this book down. The Author doesn’t overwhelm you with too much information- each section is easy to understand and you are instilled with an understanding of the correct ways to become more assertive. I very soon noticed a difference in my own communications with others when I practised the given techniques, – I’ve loads to learn but the confidence obtained in trying is a huge boost. I’m eagerly looking forward to more insightful reading from Marléne Rose Shaw.

Good read

A really good read for people pleasers like me. It helped me to understand how to set boundaries and why I behave like I do. Excellent

Beautifully crafted in simple terms

Be kind to yourself and read this book. Marléne has a knack of making you aware of your own strengths and, with simple tips, gives you the support needed to enable you to have happier relationships

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How Kind People Get Tough: Assertiveness Tools, Tips, and Techniques for More Confidence and Happier Relationships


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