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Grand Pitstop Motorcycle Wheel Cleaning Roller stand for Tyre cleaning & chain lubrication – GRoller Wheel Spinner Stand (Medium (Bike

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Price: £24.99 - £22.99
(as of Jan 19,2021 18:37:59 UTC – Details)

Product Description

GRoller – Easy Chain Cleaning and Lubrication!

Say Goodbye to Bulky Paddock Stand and switch to modern Portable Wheel Roller Stand for Chain cleaning and Lubrication.


WHeel roller stand
WHeel roller stand

Easy To Use – DIY

Just roll over your Motorcycle rear tire over Wheel Roller stand and rotate wheels easily for chain cleaning and lubrication, Tire Inspection, etc. There’s no need to put any extra effort into rotating the wheels with GRoller.

Wheel roller stand
Wheel roller stand

Can be used for Both Wheels

Only one GRoller Stand is good for both the wheels – No need for front and rear paddock stands. Motorcycle Wheel cleaning Roller Stand saves your cost of buying two separate paddock stands for front and rear wheels as it can be used to rotate both the wheels without any additional cost or effort

Wheel roller stand GRoller
Wheel roller stand GRoller

Compact – Perfect Companion for Long Rides

Weight only 1.76 pounds and with the pocket-friendly size that fits easily in your palm, GRoller – Motorcycle Wheel cleaning Roller Stand can be carried easily on your rides which is not possible with Paddock Stands

Single Person Job
Single Person Job

Single Person Job

The GRoller- Motorcycle Wheel Roller Stand can be easily used by a single person without taking help from neighborhood friends whereas in Paddock Stand it becomes difficult to mount and un-mount Bike alone. Thus it is safer alternative as it reduces the risk of Bike fall.

About the Startup



Describe your products in 3 words?

Compact Unique Innovative

“How did you come up with the idea for this product?

Nowadays, most of the Bikes like KTM RC, KTM Duke, Honda CBR, Yamaha R15, Yamaha R3, etc. come only with a Side stand and thus a Paddock Stand is the only option left for all the Chain Cleaning, Lubrication and Wheel maintenance purposes. What happens when you go for a Long 500km Ride where you have to Lube your chain frequently or what if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on those Expensive Paddock Stands? This led us to come up with a Better alternative lightweight solution that does the same job, but with absolutely zero effort! Thus came the GRoller. An easy to use pocket-friendly product easy to carry for long journeys.

What makes your product special?

Grandpitstop focuses on Making Bike Rides Safe and Comfortable through its innovative designs. GRoller is an ideal replacement to a Paddock Stand and can be carried along with you anywhere on your ride. It’s small size and lightweight makes it easy to fit in your travel bag and helps you lube and clean your Motorbike chain after long journeys. Weighing only 800 gm, this can easily take any bike up to the weight of 485lb and Rear Tyre width of 180mm. Now you just have to roll your bike over GRoller to do Chain Cleaning, Lubrication, Tyre inspection, etc. Suitable for all mid-sized motorbikes.

What has been the best part of your experience?

Without a doubt, seeing the SMILE on our customer’s faces when they realize that we’ve made their work easy. We, as avid Bike Riders ourselves realize the troubles of carrying bulky accessories on our rides. When you are on the road these accessories can be a lifesaver for any Rider. Our GRoller will ensure that your bike is well taken care of and our Team will ensure that there is always a smile on your face when you shop from us. Our Chain Cleaning Brush will ensure that you give your bike the care and maintenance that she deserves. Our Puncture Kits will ensure you are never in trouble when needed the most on the hills or on the sea level. Our Motorcycle Air Cushion Seat will ensure that you can have long and comfortable rides without any pain in your back and without any sore bum.


Wheel cleaning stand

Wheel roller stand

GRoller Wheel cleaning stand

1 GRoller
2 GRoller
3 GRoller
4 GRoller


Does not work smoothly on Adventure motorcycle or Motorcycle with Off-Road Tire. Need additional efforts in rotating the Tires with Bigger treads.
Always rotate the Tire sitting on the floor from the Rear of motorcycle and use Pull force to cause rotation. Avoid sitting by the side of the Tire.
Keep a wooden block/ any rigid support below your side stand if the Motorcycle is tilted more than usual while resting on GRoller.
Do not use Engine power to rotate the wheel. Always rotate the wheel while keeping the gear in Neutral and use hand power for rotation.
Use the instruction manual provided with the product and follow the instructions for the best results. GrandPitstop is not responsible for any harm/ damage caused due to improper use of the product.

Perfect companion for any ride – Compact and Light weight
Same roller can be used for both wheels
DIY, Easy to use – Just roll bike onto Groller and place on side stand
Sturdy steel and aluminum construction with Non-skid backing

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Grand Pitstop Motorcycle Wheel Cleaning Roller stand for Tyre cleaning & chain lubrication – GRoller Wheel Spinner Stand (Medium (Bike


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