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GHOSTED (Janine’s Story): Broken by Love Season

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"Hey stranger?"
"What you wearing?"

She couldn’t be seeing the message right. Maybe her phone had had a malfunction and was delivering other people’s messages to her phone. Yes, that had to be it. This was a wrong number delivery.

Except that it was not, and she knew that number. She had spent months trying to purge it from her mind but it was permanently edged there.

Janine’s story is one that will take you through a rollercoaster of emotions. Let me know what you think at the end of it 🙂


This book is part of the BROKEN BY LOVE SEASON Series (check the bottom of this description for a full list of the other books, and where/how to get them).

Love ought to be a good thing, but often, it’s most people’s nightmare. Let’s talk about the Love Season (the period around Valentine’s Day) or the Holidays when the pressure to have and exhibit LOVE goes through the roof. This pressure has ruined many good relationships, forced people to hook up (and break hearts) for the wrong reasons, forced people to overstay in abusive relationships, and of course, there are numerous stories that begin with the LOVE SEASON or Holidays.

This series (BROKEN BY LOVE SEASON) takes you through detailed journeys that the expectations and behavior surrounding the Love Season and Holidays brings. I hope that by sharing these live examples, you will feel safe in your skin and refuse to succumb to pressure around things that are not good for you. May we can all be more careful and sensitive towards other people’s situations.

As you laugh and cry, and experience different emotions throughout each book, I hope that you can find gratitude in your life, comfort in your pain (if you have been through some of the shared experiences), and get tips to heal from love trauma and move on to make your life great again (or greater than before).


THE Following BOOKS are part of THIS SERIES, and you can choose only the one(s) you are excited to read.

1. Prologue (This mini-book gives you the context for the series, as well as A BIT MORE CONTENT/ DESCRIPTION OF EACH OF THE FOLLOWING BOOKS, including a link to EACH of the BOOKS)

2. Ghosted (Book 1) – Ken’s story
3. Ghosted (Book 2) – Janine’s Story
4. The Pressure: Expectations on men and women during the holidays and Love Season
5. Valentine’s Day and Men’s Conference: The Pressure is On!
6. Valentine’s Day – A Woman’s Affair! Is It?
7. Beware 1! What to Expect and how to protect yourself during the Love Season and Holidays
8. Beware 2! What to expect when Love Season and Holidays Ends
9. How to Cope with being duped: Healing from Love Trauma
10. Moving On: Planning your Life/ Pursuit of Dreams- Have a Plan
11. The Negative Impact of Societal Pressure on people during holidays and Love Season
12. Way Forward: What must we do as individuals and as a society?

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GHOSTED (Janine’s Story): Broken by Love Season


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