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Cordless Auto Hair Curler, USB Rechargeable Wireless Automatic Curling Tongs Hair Styling Tools with LCD Display 6 Adjustable Temperature setting,Professional hair wavers for long & Short Hair

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Price: £39.98
(as of Feb 18,2021 08:38:31 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Cordless Hair CurlerCordless Hair Curler

step for usagestep for usage


Package Include

1 x Hair curler

2 x Hairpin

1 x USB charging cable

1 x Storage bag

1 x User manual

Why choose our curling irons?

Three temperature gear settings allowing to form a perfect loose or tight curls easily, saving a lot of time.

Get gorgeous curls and waves on the go. Kiss cords goodbye and embrace the anytime, anywhere convenience of Melophy Auto Curler. So easy, it gives you the look you love in a few simple steps. Don’t let cords tie you down. Live Unbound.

Warm Tips:

• Before using the curling iron, please charge it for more than 4 hours to achieve the best performance.

• When charging, the battery indicator on the LCD screen lights up and flashes, indicating that the curling iron is charged normally.

• The full charge indicator stops flashing.

• After removing the charger, the LCD display will go out.

• When the battery power is low, the LCD display will flash 3 times and the curling iron will turn off automatically.

Auto CurlerAuto Curler

USB Rechargeable & Cordless

Our automatic hair curler uses USB to charge, which is very convenient. It is an essential item for your travel.

Auto CurlerAuto Curler

Mini size for easy carrying

cordless curl(just 7.6 inches long) can be easily carried in the pocket or backpack of the perfect size.

How to use it?


Ⅰ.Temperature setting
Long press the “■/” button and hold it for 2 seconds. You will hear a “beep” sound and the LCD display will turn on.
After the LCD display is turned on, it is in the temperature selection state, and the number “180” flashes; if you need to set other temperatures, short press “∆” to adjust the temperature; if there is no operation, the temperature flashes for 5 seconds and then stops flashing and starts to heat up.
The curling iron is turned on by default 180°C, if you switch to Fahrenheit°F. You can short press “■/” twice to see “°C” flashing; short press “∆” to switch, then you can see the display shows “°F” and the corresponding temperature.
Product temperature range:
150°C / 160°C / 170°C / 180°C / 190°C / 200°C;
300°F / 320°F / 340°F / 360°F / 380°F / 390°F.
Ⅱ.R/L steering setting
Short press the “■/” button, when you see the “R” flashing, short press the “∆” button to switch the “L/R” direction.
Ⅲ.Time setting
Short press the “■/” button, when you see the time “TIME” and the number flashing, short press the “∆” button to set the timer, the timing range is: 8s~18s.
Ⅳ.After the setting is completed, the curling iron will start heating within 5 seconds. When the curling iron is heating up, you can see the heating symbol blinking continuously. When the selected temperature is reached, you will hear a “beep” sound and the heating symbol stops flashing.
Ⅴ.When you want to turn off the curling iron, press and hold the “■/” button for 2 seconds and you will hear a “beep” sound, the display will turn off, and the curling iron will shut down.
Ⅵ.When you forget to turn off the curling iron, the curling iron will automatically turn off after 10 minutes.

2.After the curl chamber heated up, place a ½-inch section of clean, dry, tangle-free hair into it. For very long hair, it is recomended to section off less than ½-inch sections.

3.Press and hold curl button to draw hair into the chamber. Continue to hold the button while you hear a succession of slow beeps corresponding to the timer setting you’ve selected.

4.When you hear 2 quick beeps, let go of the button and pull the auto curler down to release a perfectly formed curl. Let curl cool to set. Repeat the steps above for a head full of flowing curls.


When curling, be sure to press the curl button to the end to avoid twisting the upper part of the hair strand.
Please be sure to wait until the continuous beeps finally stop before removing the hair from the curling room to get the best curling effect.


【❀ Fast Heating& 6 temperature setting ❀】Fast heating in 60 seconds, no operation reminder in 10 minutes, automatic shutdown, a variety of temperature options (150°C,160°C,170°C,180°C,190°C,200°C), suitable for different hair types, from soft curly hair to rich waves, easily create a variety of styles to meet your various needs.
【ꕥ Safe anti-scalding design ꕥ】It is equipped with a safe and non-toxic insulating material inside the curling room which can protect your from burns when you use it. This smart curler also has a smart reminder function that will remind you when it reaches a specified temperature,allows you to control the temperature of the curling iron easily.Hair curlers are genuine products (sold by ZMKJ).
【ꕥ Rechargeable design ꕥ】Rechargeable Auto Curler.It takes about 3-3.5 hours to charge the curling wand. It can be used for up to 60 minutes and uses 5000 mAh lithium-ion battery .So easy to carry when traveling !
【ꕥ Hair care coating ꕥ】The surface of the multifunctional automatic hair curler is rich in nano silver, ceramic coating, tourmaline. Nano silver coating can inhibit the growth of hair bacteria and protect hair health; ceramic coating releases a lot of negative ions, tourmaline releases negative ions and far infrared rays.Multi-protection hair care function to help hair shinner and smoother.

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Cordless Auto Hair Curler, USB Rechargeable Wireless Automatic Curling Tongs Hair Styling Tools with LCD Display 6 Adjustable Temperature setting,Professional hair wavers for long & Short Hair


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