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Polk’s Reserve speakers offer Dolby Atmos and IMAX Enhanced support

Polk Audio has announced the Reserve Series, “a high-performance, versatile loudspeaker line” designed to bring out the best performance out of music, movies and gaming.

The Reserve speaker range is a nine-strong series made up of bookshelf speakers, centre channels, upfiring speaker modules and floorstanders. Polk claims the Reserve Series is one that’s happy to play with music, films and games alike. Consisting of three floor standing models – R500, R600, R700; three centre channels – R300, R350, R400; two bookshelf speakers – R100, R200; and a wall-and speaker-mountable height module in the R900, it looks to provide plenty of flexibility for any home set-up. No mention of a subwoofer in the range, though.

The three centre channels come in three different sizes, including the slim R300 design that’s designed to fit into most AV cabinets, while the R350 can be mounted on a wall.

Polk has introduced a height module for the first time in R900, and that can be placed on top of a floorstanding speaker or mounted on the wall. There’s also a toggle switch that tunes the speaker for whether it’s sat on a speaker or wall-mounted.

Support for premium audio formats includes IMAX Enhanced and Hi-Res Audio certification, while Dolby Atmos and DTS:X immersive sound are also included among the specification.

Technology found in the brand’s Legend Series speakers has made its way down to the Reserve in the form of its custom made transducers. Other technology that Polk has designed for the Reserve Series includes the 1-inch Hi-Res Audio certified Pinnacle tweeter driver, which features a waveguide to disperse high frequency sounds for a broader ‘sweet spot’ when listening. The Turbine Cone midrange unit combines Polk’s proprietary foam core driver design with moulded Turbine geometry for increased stiffness and damping to produce a smoother, detailed midrange performance.

The X-Port technology helps to deliver a clean, detailed mid-bass performance and can be found on all vented models in the Reserve series, such as the  R600 and R700 floorstanding models. Those two speakers also benefit from the Power Port 2.0 design that extends bass frequencies further. The R700 gains an advantage over the R600 with its advanced point-to-point bracing (Cabinet Resonance Control technology) that eliminates resonances for improved sound.

Available in a choice of matte black or matte white finishes, the Polk Reserve range is available from the Polk Audio website (although the link doesn’t appear to be working yet) and will be available from select audio/video retailers in Europe.

Polk Reserve Series prices

  • R100 bookshelf – €549 / £499 / $599 per pair
  • R200 bookshelf – €749 / £649 / $699 per pair
  • R300 centre channel – €449 / £399 / $399
  • R350 centre channel (LCR) – €549 / £499 /$549
  • R400 centre channel – €649 / £599 /$599
  • R500 floorstander – €1299 / £1199 /$599
  • R600 floorstander – €1599 / £1399 / $799
  • R700 floorstander – €2199 / £1999 / $999
  • R900 upfiring height module –€549 / £499 / $499 per pair

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