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Polar unveils two new fitness trackers with the Ignite 2 and Vantage M2

Fitness brand Polar has unveiled two new fitness watches, both of which are successors to some of the company’s most popular devices.

The Polar Vantage M2 is available from today while fans will have to wait a little long for the Polar Ignite 2, but both devices will be aimed at different audiences, with the Ignite 2 billed as a more casual fitness watch while the Vantage M2 is designed specifically with athletes in mind.

Having recently tested the Polar Unite and Polar Vantage V2, we’ve been impressed by the fitness tracking software available on Polar’s devices, and so we’re eager to see how the company has improved upon the already stellar foundations of its previous products.

For more information on the newly unveiled fitness watches, just keep reading on.

Polar Ignite 2


Polar Ignite 2

Price: TBC

Very similar to the approach used for the Garmin Venu, the Polar Ignite 2 has its sights set on being a stylish timepiece, just as much as being a dedicated fitness tracker. There are four different colour options to choose from: Black Pearl, Pink, Storm Blue and Champagne (the last of which looks particularly eye-catching).

Much like other Polar devices, the Polar Ignite 2 will be able to track your sleep, and once it has a decent understanding of your fitness level, it can also offer a workout routine for you to follow.

A key feature missing on other Polar devices that will be making its way to the Ignite 2 is music controls, giving you the chance to tweak playback without having to reach for your phone during a workout.

Polar Vantage M2

Polar Vantage M2

Price: £269

As part of the Vantage range, the M2 will appeal to anyone who already upholds a regular exercise routine. The M2 boasts a running program that will monitor your running activity carefully and let you know when and how to use you energy to help you go further.

M2 users will also have access to Polar’s Training Load Pro software, which offers plenty of stats on your performance and the best schedule to stick to in order to achieve full recovery. For longer workouts, the Fuel Wise function will let you know the proper intervals for consuming more food and water, in relation to energy expenditure.

Much like the Ignite 2, the Vantage M2 will come in four different colour combinations: Grey/Yellow, Black/Grey, Copper/Brown, Gold/Champagne.

Will you be picking up the Polar Vantage M2 or the Polar Ignite 2? Let us know @TrustedReviews on Facebook and Twitter.

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