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Pokémon Happy Meals will be available at McDonald’s from 19th May – My Nintendo News

The latest range of Happy Meals to come to McDonald’s in the UK will be Pokémon-themed and the promotion starts in just a few days time on the 19th of May. The news of the upcoming promotion – which is almost guaranteed to cause fans to flock to their nearest McDonald’s – first surfaced over at VGC where a reader shared an image from the internal company schedule.

There are no concrete details about what will be included in the Happy Meal boxes as of yet, but the US recently had a Pokémon promotion and inside were some highly sought-after 25th Anniversary Pokémon cards which were snapped up quickly by fans. And if you’re looking to add any toys to your collection, the promotion that will start on the 19th of May won’t include any plastic due to McDonald’s pledge to reduce plastic waste.


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