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Overwatch 2 behind the scenes video from BlizzConline 2021 – My Nintendo News

Blizzard’s online convention, aptly named BlizzConline, took place yesterday and although there wasn’t a huge amount of information surrounding Nintendo Switch, there was still some news that’s relevant to Nintendo’s latest console (check out Diablo II: Resurrected). The eagerly anticipated Overwatch 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch and other platforms and the title was revealed back in 2019 with fans itching to know more information. Thanks to a pretty lengthy behind the scenes video, Blizzard has given fans a deep-dive into how development is going, info on maps, weapons, fashion and more. It’s shaping up to be a fantastic entry into the series and you can check out the details in the YouTube video below.

In terms of release date, we still don’t know, but it’s great to see the team offering a decent insight into their progress.


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