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Official Halo Instagram account shares Mario & Halo crossover artwork – My Nintendo News

If you keep up to date with all things Xbox, then you may have seen an interesting (and extremely awesome) piece of artwork crop up on Halo’s very own official Instagram page. The Mario and Halo crossover fan art was originally posted by 343 employee ‘Snickerdoodle’ via a community highlight blog, and the Halo Instagram account thought to highlight it further and showcase it very recently on the popular photo focussed social media site. Not only is the depiction of Mario and Co. simply brilliant, but it has yet again raised questions about potential happenings in the gaming world, specifically when it comes to people wanting Master Chief to come to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Another interesting Xbox / Nintendo Switch point raised recently was surrounding Xbox’s, Phil Spencer. He’s not been hesitant to publicly praise Nintendo in the past and viewers of a recent online video pointed out the hybrid console sitting proudly on the top of his shelving unit at home.

In the past, Phil Spencer has placed items on his shelves that hint at future releases – he even unveiled the Xbox Series S before Microsoft fully unveiled it to the public – so it’s interesting to see the Switch among the other merchandise. It’s also worth noting that fans have pointed out that the console only recently appeared there; it’s not seen on the shelves or in shot in previous videos.

Finally, a known leaker on Reddit has stated that there should be news about a future collaboration between Microsoft and Nintendo shared later this year. Whether or not we actually will hear anything is obviously up for debate and should be treated as a rumour until we hear anything official.

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