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Nintendo president says the company is looking at new IP and affordable new technologies – My Nintendo News

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa recently spoke with Japanese news publication The Nikkei about what’s next for the Animal Crossing franchise after the immensely successful Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch. Mr. Furukawa says that they realise space in the video game industry is extremely fierce so they are always looking for new ideas and concepts. When Mr. Furukawa was asked about a new Switch model he said they are always exploring new technologies, but they want to keep the pricing of such things as consumer friendly as possible.

“As we spend more time in our homes, we are becoming increasingly spoiled for choice when it comes to entertainment. For people to choose to play our games with their limited free time, the games must be interesting. Competition is fierce and we’re not looking at the current situation lightly. We are constantly looking out for new ideas and researching what we can utilize next. In future, we want to not only work on our staple series like Mario and Zelda but also work on new games and new series.

(Regarding the calls for a new Switch model) We’re constantly thinking about ideas for new consoles, but many ideas simply aren’t feasible because of cost or limitations in technology. We devote a lot of resources into developing technology in case any of these ideas become feasible in future.”

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