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Nintendo president believes that every single year is a “do or die situation” for the company – My Nintendo News

Recently Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa spoke to Nikkei Business about the state of the company and its immensely popular Switch system. In the interview Mr. Furukawa said that he always feels a sense of crisis about the Kyoto-based company despite the company being on top form at the moment and easily outselling its competitors. He believes that the company can not be complacent and therefore Nintendo must give its customers fresh new surprises to continuously keep them wowed and surprised.

“Currently, the Switch’s sales are exceedingly favorable and achievements are also good, but I have zero peace of mind,” he said. “Not matter the hits, in the entertainment business, people someday do lose interest. Up until now, we have repeatedly had the experience of our business taking a nosedive.”

“Because of this, I myself as well as those within the company do not at all think the current state of affairs will keep going and going.” For Furukawa, he believes that every single year is a “do or die situation.”

“You must give new customers fresh surprises, and our existence can slip into obscurity at any time. I always have this kind of sense of crisis.”

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