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Nintendo of America could be in process of shutting support forums – My Nintendo News

Nintendo of America appears to be in the process of closing down its long-running support forums. The news was discovered via Reddit where a fan posted the following email they had received from the company. Nintendo of America says that they will use other support options for consumers who are having technical issues with Nintendo products. Users in North America can use the following options to get support; phone, chat, text message, or creating a help ticket.

“After more than a decade of hosting a fun, safe community where passionate Nintendo fans and new players alike can support each other with answers to technical questions about Nintendo’s products and services, we have decided to close the Nintendo Support Forums. Going forward, we will focus on the many other Nintendo support options that have greatly expanded over the last decade.”

“We have made the decision to close our customer support forums since there are many other ways to easily contact Nintendo. Any consumers who need support are encouraged to visit to find the best contact option for their specific situation. Options include support by phone, chat, text message, or by creating a help ticket.


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