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Nintendo is No.3 for TV advertising impressions in January 2021 – My Nintendo News

Nintendo has come in third for TV video game advertising impressions in the United States during January 2021. PlayStation came in top with 425.7 million TV ad impressions and Microsoft’s Xbox brand came in second with 163.7 million TV ad impressions. Nintendo generated 159.9 million advertising impressions, just slightly below Microsoft. The Kyoto-based company generated the most impressions with the My Way to Play: Minecraft Dungeons advert. The company garnered the most impressions on college football channels, which is a change from the usual family and kid friendly channels it normally obtains the most views on.

“At No. 3: Nintendo, which generated 159.9 million TV ad impressions from 887 airings of 20 spots. With 28.7 million impressions, “My Way to Play: Minecraft Dungeons,” advertising the Switch, was the brand’s most-seen commercial. Notably, during the period measured, college football was the top programming driving impressions for Nintendo — a break from its usual family/kid-friendly focus. Other top shows included Big City Greens and SpongeBob SquarePants, while top networks included Disney Channel, ABC, and Nick.”

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