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Nintendo increasing Switch production to 30 million units for this fiscal year as Switch Pro model looms – My Nintendo News

Respected Japanese news publication The Nikkei has published a report that claims that the Kyoto-based company is significantly ramping up Switch production amid the rumours of a Switch Pro model which is speculated to release later this year. The report states that Nintendo is increasing Switch production to 30 million units for this fiscal year which ends 31st March which would be Nintendo’s highest production level to date for the popular system. Nintendo has commented on the report stating “There is nothing we can tell you about production numbers and higher-end models.”

“The company has approached a number of parts makers about increasing production,

“Several officials admitted to us that they are considering expanding production. The company is also expected to add a higher-end model with higher image quality, and this will be the first additional model of the Switch since the Nintendo Switch Lite, which was released in September 2019 and made it more portable.”

The Nikkei

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