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Nintendo celebrates 20 years of Animal Crossing with some gorgeous commemorative artwork – My Nintendo News

Today marks 20 years since Animal Crossing released in Japan. It was known as Animal Forest in that territory originally, and since then, we’ve seen the franchise grow into what is now one of the most successful IP’s from Nintendo. With the development team behind the incredible popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons including some folk who also worked on Splatoon, the latest iteration is thought to have propelled the hybrid console in terms of sales over the last 12 months or so. Nintendo’s marketing efforts have not slowed in the slightest with constant updates and the once illusive ACNH special edition console that launched last year shows the dedication that Nintendo has for the franchise.

Now, in celebration of the 20th Anniversary, Nintendo has shared some lovely artwork thanking fans for their support (take note of the bottom left of the picture above!). The artwork contains many fan favourites such as Jack-O-Lantern to Tortimer,


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