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New PS5 software update will unlock a highly demanded feature

PlayStation has confirmed a new software update for the PS5 will arrive tomorrow, enabling the console to support USB extended storage.

This means you’ll now be able to transfer PS5 game downloads to an external USB hard drive to free up space on your console. However, you unfortunately won’t be able to play games directly via the external drive.

This means you’ll need to transfer downloaded game files to the PS5’s internal storage in order to start playing, although this will still be a far quicker process than downloading a game from scratch.

Speaking of storage solutions, PlayStation has also reconfirmed that the PS5 will eventually support internal storage expansion via the M.2 SSD drive, but did not offer a timeframe for when such support will become available. For now then, using an external USB drive will be the best option for those running out of storage space for PS5 game installs.

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Tomorrow’s PS5 software update will also unlock a slew of other new features. PlayStation has confirmed that PS5 users will now be able to share their screens with PS4 users, or even virtually pass over a second controller to enable long-distance co-op play.

The Game Base feature has also been improved to make it easier to see friend activities and jump into an existing chatroom party. You can even alter the volume of individual friends in a chat, so you don’t have to suffer the loud voice of one particular friend.

And finally, if you’ve ever found it a pain to trawl through your expansive game collection, you’ll be happy to hear PlayStation is adding a search bar to your game library, while also allowing you to add some customisation to make navigation more seamless.

That rounds up all of the major new features in the new PS5 update, although there are a few extra benefits coming to the PS5 and PlayStation App, which you can find in the PlayStation Blog.

Deal: Seagate 2TB External Hard Drive for just £54.99 (save £5)

Are you happy with the new PS5 software update, or are you annoyed that PlayStation still isn’t offering one of your most demanded features? Let us know on Twitter, and stay tuned to Trusted Reviews for more updates.

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