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New No More Heroes 3 footage showcased – My Nintendo News

Suda51 and the rest of the team have shown off some footage from the long-awaited next instalment of the No More Heroes franchise, No More Heroes 3. The game along with its combat system is looking great and Suda51 also said that there will be a physical edition which contains the entire No More Heroes trilogy. Here’s a summary of what was showcased during the stream via Reset Era member Dreamboum along with a video of the game in action.

  • Shinobu, Bad Girl confirmed
  • Part-time jobs confirmed
  • Jeane the cat mini-games
  • Open world is back
  • Death Glove (skills) were shown
  • 12 Suplexes from wrestler Akira Maeda
  • Dr.Naomi is a tree
  • Something might happen if you have save data from past NMH games
  • Inio Asano of Oyasumi Punpun fame designed New Type Kamui

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