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New Magic Keyboard won’t bring Touch ID back to the iPad Pro

Apple’s new Magic Keyboard will bring Touch ID functionality to the iMac for the first time, but those hoping to use it on the new iPad Pro M1 are out of luck.

While iPad Pro M1 users will be able to use the keyboard, the Touch ID functionality won’t be available despite sharing the same architecture as Apple Silicon based Macs.

While Touch ID can be used by those using the Magic Keyboard on the M1 MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac mini, Apple has now confirmed the feature does not support the iPad Pro. MacRumors received confirmation from Apple, and Trusted Reviews has contacted Apple seeking a statement also.

The iPad Pro, of course, no longer has a home button. As such, it relies on Face ID to provide security and privacy, but many people still prefer the experience of placing their finger or thumb against the sensor. It may return when Apple perfects the under display tech rumoured for future iPhones, but until now it’s Face ID only

Alongside that stunning and colourful new iMac, announced during Apple’s Spring Loaded event, Apple shocked many onlookers by announcing the iPad Pro would also be powered by the M1 processor.

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That’s essentially a reclassification for the Apple tablet range, which has been powered by versions of the A-Series mobile processors Apple uses in the iPhone and other iPads.

The decision brings the iPad Pro closer to a Mac computer than ever before. Given iPadOS continues to trend in that direction, and the Apple Smart Keyboard providing a trackpad, this may be the closest we ever get to a touchscreen Mac akin to Microsoft’s Surface Pro range.

The launch brought further calls for Apple to offer macOS on the iPad to complete the transition, but Apple doesn’t seem open to that at present.

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