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New Horizons in April – My Nintendo News

One year after its release, Animal Crossing: New Horizons continues to enjoy loads of success. The game has also been getting a lot of merchandise, updates, and even some added content. It’s main source of content come from the many items that have arrived to celebrate various holidays on the calendar.

Well, more are on the way. Nintendo has announced that you’ll be able to get some more holiday-themed items in April. From April 1st through 10th, you’ll be able to order Forsythia trees to celebrate the South Korean holiday Singmogil, which occurs on April 5th. Later on in the month, on April 22nd, is Nature Day/Earth Day. To celebrate that, a Cool Globe will be available for order in Nook Shopping from April 15th through 22nd. Nintendo’s official tweets about the items are down below.

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