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Need a cheap iPhone? The iPhone X with iOS 14 is now just £279.95

If you’re looking for a way to jump on the iOS bandwagon without breaking the bank, then this offer on a like-new Certified Refurbished iPhone X is just the ticket.

Originally going for an eye-watering £999 back in 2017, the iPhone X has since incurred several price drops and this is one of the best that we’ve seen yet. It’s also worth mentioning that the stock on offer has been refurbished by technicians approved by Apple directly, ensuring that you’ll still be receiving a premium smartphone that’s in line with the company’s quality standards.

Deal: iPhone X Certified Refurbished for just £279.95 (originally £999 brand new)

Even though in smartphone years, it feels as though it’s been an age since the iPhone X first hit the market and shifted Apple’s smartphones in a new direction, the phone still has a decent use-case today thanks to its inclusion in Apple’s recent iOS updates.

The iPhone X uses the most recent form if iOS 14 (and is likely to be included in the update for iOS 15 as well), giving users the chance to the reap the benefits of new features including homepage widgets.

These widgets give you quick access to things like headlines via Apple News and even a digital bookmark for your most recent Amazon Kindle read. It’s a great overhaul that gives iOS a much needed breath of fresh air, and in typical Apple fashion, shows up the widget system that’s existed on Android for years.

Putting the update aside, there’s still a lot to like about the iPhone X in 2021. For instance, because this was the first iPhone to employ the new notch design, the bright OLED screen is great for watching content and playing games on the go.

Deal: iPhone X Certified Refurbished for just £279.95 (originally £999 brand new)

While iPhone cameras has since had a huge leap in quality (particularly since the iPhone 11), the iPhone X can still holds its own under certain scenarios. Don’t expect anything spectacular under low-light scenes, but in the great outdoors and with plenty of sunshine, the iPhone X can capture a beautiful shot with tons of colour.

There are certainly more powerful iPhones on the market right now, but if you’ve been tempted to make the jump to iOS but don’t have the money to fork out on the more expensive models, then this superb deal on the iPhone X is a great option to consider.

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