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Mario Kart Tour has achieved over $200 million in player-spending and 200 million installs since its launch – My Nintendo News

Data analytics firm Sensor Tower is reporting this afternoon that the mobile entry of the beloved Mario Kart series has made over $200 million with regards to in-game player spending. Mario Kart Tour, which is free-to-play, reached 100 million downloads during the first 11 days of being available on the App Store and Google Play Store and at that time the karting title had generated $17.8 million in revenue. The title has been downloaded the most on Google Play, however, Apple’s App Store has generated a higher share of revenue.

“While Mario Kart Tour has not been able to saustain the highs of its big launch, it has maintained a fairly consistent revenue stream, generating $7.7 million on average per month globally over the last year. The title is an example of the power of big IP in generating launch buzz, particularly important with the looming IDFA changes.”

 Sensor Tower’s EMEA mobile insights strategist Craig Chapple


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