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Is Facebook down? Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp experiencing outages too

The Facebook-owned suite of hugely popular apps – including Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger – appear to be experiencing widespread outages on Friday evening.

Widespread reports on social media and the Down Detector web service are showing significant outages across the range of services operated by the social media giant.

The crowd-sourced Down Detector site currently shows the Facebook services as the four most affected services, with the respective graphs showing identical spikes.

At the time of writing, mobile and web services for the aforementioned apps appear to be down. Here at Trusted Reviews we were unable to send Messenger messages, connect to WhatsApp or refresh our Instagram feed on mobile or on the web. We were able to post a test Facebook status update at

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None of the services affected have issued a statement on the outage, via their Twitter accounts, as yet. We’ll be keeping an eye on this developing story throughout the evening.


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