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How to turn a Word document into a PowerPoint presentation in seconds

There are some people who love spending hours crafting the perfect PowerPoint presentation, but for the rest of us, Microsoft is rolling out some much-needed relief.

The company is adding a feature called Transform, which will transform a humble Word document into a fancy PowerPoint presentation with a theme and images. The AI-based feature is currently only available to Office Insiders preview program members.

Word Online users will be able to open their document, browse to File > Transform and select Transform to PowerPoint presentation and let the magic happen. The completed presentations will carry over all of associated media into the presentation.

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Users will be able to select their design theme and then they’ll be able to look over their non-handiwork, making the necessary amendments.

Word on the web

In a post on the Office Insider blog, program manager Mohit Anand writes: “Have you ever wished you could easily transform an existing Word document into a great PowerPoint presentation? If so, the wait is over! When you use the Transform command, it creates a presentation based on all the summarized sections of the document. It also adds imagery, icons, videos, themes, and fonts using AI.”

Microsoft hasn’t revealed precisely when it will roll the feature out to all users, but it’s sure to be a massive hit amongst those tired of slaving over PowerPoint presentations. There’s also no word on when it’ll be available on the desktop or mobile apps, rather than simply Word on the web. Here’s how it’ll work though:

To turn your Word document into a PowerPoint presentation:

Open any document you want to convert into a presentation in Word for the web.
Click File > Transform > Transform to PowerPoint presentation.
When prompted, choose a design theme for your presentation.
Click Open presentation to review the results in PowerPoint for the web.
The presentation will be created in the OneDrive root folder of the user who used this option.


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