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How to order a takeaway with Google Assistant

In April, Google announced a number of updates coming to Google Assistant for spring. One of the most pandemic-friendly features is a tool that helps you order food faster with the smart assistant’s help. Here’s how to use it. 

While you’ll still need to search for the restaurant yourself and the Assistant isn’t quite ready to pick out your dinner for you, the smart assistant can now take over the boring part. Google uses contact and payment details saved in Google Pay and synced to Chrome Autofill to automatically make its way through the restaurant’s checkout process. 

The feature is powered by Google’s Duplex technology, which the company has previously used to make it easier to reserve tables at restaurants and book cinema tickets over the web.

While the Google Assistant feature is only available at select chains in the US right now, Google plans to expand it to more restaurants this year. Google hasn’t revealed whether the feature will be coming to the rest of the world just yet, but we hope to see it roll out in the UK in the future. 

Read on to learn how to streamline your lunch orders with Google Assistant. 

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To take advantage of this new Google Assistant feature, you’ll need the Google app installed on an Android phone. 

Here’s how to order a takeaway with Google Assistant: 

  • Open the Google app 
  • Search for a restaurant 
  • Choose “Order Online” or “Order Pickup” 
  • Choose what you want to eat and click “Check out” 
  • Google Assistant will automatically fill out your contact and payment details to complete your order

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