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How to activate the new ‘Hey Spotify’ voice assistant

While Siri, Alexa and the Google Assistant can all handle voice requests for Spotify tunes, the streaming giant wants to get its own hands-free voice assistant.

Spotify is now rolling out its own “Hey, Spotify” assistant on Android and iOS, which may make it easier to demand your favourite music.

First spotted by GSM Arena, the feature joins the existing voice search functionality on Spotify with a hands-free wake command to summon songs, artists, albums or playlists. The feature could make it easier to play tunes while driving, for instance, or if users are otherwise occupied in a different area of the room, away from their device.

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Users will need to have the app open in order to take advantage of the feature, of course, as system-wide access isn’t available to third-party apps like Spotify. It’ll also be necessary to allow Spotify access to the device’s microphone in order to take advantage of the feature. The current voice search capability available to Spotify Premium subscribers comes via a microphone icon within the app, which users have to tap to activate.

To activate the feature, you’ll need to tap the Settings cog within the Spotify home page. From here, you can tap Voice Interactions and then toggle the “Hey, Spotify” switch to on.

We’ve updated to the latest version of Spotify on iOS and were unable to access the feature at present, but the rollout is definitely underway. The company is also yet to officially confirm the feature.

The update comes as Spotify continues to boost its offerings amid a massive challenge from Apple Music. The company has already confirmed a HiFi tier with CD-quality tracks is on the way later this year,  while last month it revamped its desktop and web apps. The company is also placing an even greater focus on podcasts as it seeks to boost its ad revenue.

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