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Grab the game before it’s gone forever

Even though the digital version of the game has been taken off the Nintendo eShop, you can still pick up a physical copy of Super Mario 3D All-Stars with this fantastic deal from ShopTo.

By using the code POCKET15 at the checkout, you can bag the trio of classic Mario titles for just £38.24 – a hefty discount over the original RRP of £49.99. With the physical version of the game now being the only means of playing 3D All-Stars, this is the best time to pick it up before new copies of the game are also gone for good.

Deal: Super Mario 3D All-Stars for just £38.24 (use code POCKET15)

It should go without saying but if you haven’t played any of the titles that have made its in way into this collection – you need to buy 3D All-Stars. There’s a reason why Mario is still just as popular as ever, and these three games are the perfect showcase for Nintendo’s mascot.

Super Mario 64 needs no introduction really – as the original 3D platformer, Mario 64 completely changed the gaming landscape and included so many mechanics that would make their way into other titles. Sure, the game might look pretty dated compared to some of Mario’s later adventures, but the core gameplay is still just as tight as ever.

Super Mario Sunshine swapped Peach’s Castle for a luxury resort known as Isle Delfino (and after a year in lockdown, I can understand the switch). While the game isn’t as popular in the eyes of Mario purists, Sunshine still has that classic Mario charm and it’s hard not to love all the extra abilities gifted to the player via Mario’s new pal, FLUDD.

Lastly, Super Mario Galaxy is the definition of a modern classic (2007 still counts as modern, right?). Featuring an entirely new gameplay concept that utilises gravity in an ingenious way, Mario Galaxy is an absolute blast, and it’s almost worth playing just for the soaring orchestral soundtrack alone.

Deal: Super Mario 3D All-Stars for just £38.24 (use code POCKET15)

Three classic Mario titles for just £38.24? You can’t say fairer than that – just be sure to use the code POCKET15 at the checkout to receive the full discount.

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