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Google Assistant is getting an awesome Memory upgrade

Google is working on a new Google Assistant feature called Memory, which will enable users to cobble together various digital items they wish to access at a later time or date.

Spotted within an APK by 9to5Google, the forthcoming feature will combine notes, to-do reminders, as well as web pages and images. You’ll even be able to add screenshots or handwritten notes. One observer, Kyle Bradshaw, neatly describes it as “Pinterest, Google Keep, and more all wrapped up in the Google Assistant.”

It appears as if this feature – which could be announced as soon as May’s Google I/O conference if past form is anything to go by – could build upon the existing Memory feature, while integrating Google Assistant Collections.

The report outlining the APK has a list of items that, with the appropriate voice command, users will be able to save the likes of: “articles, books, contacts, events, flights, hotels, images, movies, music, notes, photos, places, playlists, products, recipes, reminders, restaurants, screenshots, shipments, TV shows, videos, and websites.”

Google Assistant Memory

Items saved will be searchable and once resurfaced can include important context on your chosen device. They will also appear in categories like ‘important’, ‘read later’ and more. Then they’re added to the Assistant Home screen, and presumably as shortcuts for smart displays. Google Docs and Sheets will have special cards of their own, the report says.

As the report points out, recipes will also show contextual information like how long it’ll take to cook, while shipment information will have tracking numbers, and movie recommendations will show trailers.

As we said, the forthcoming Google I/O conference would seem like a great time to debut this feature. The initial reaction has been great, but it sounds like it could be a bit unwieldy if not well organised. We’ll keep you posted whenever the feature is announced.

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