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Ex Nintendo designer says that F-Zero would be hard to bring back – My Nintendo News

Former Nintendo artist and designer, Takaya Imamura, who worked on the designs for Captain Falcon and Fox McCloud has recently chatted to IGN about the beloved F-Zero franchise. Mr. Imamura told the publication that it is “hard to bring back” without a “grand idea.” He also believes that the last F-Zero game F-Zero GX is the “the ultimate F-Zero.” He told the site that when he working with Nintendo that he had thought about bringing the series back to life as the last entry is now 18 years old. Here’s his story about the development of F-Zero GX:

“I think it started with [Amusement Vision’s] Toshihiro Nagoshi proposing the project to Miyamoto,” says Imamura. “I really liked Daytona USA (which Nagoshi produced), so I was honored to work with him. We had an arcade system board called Triforce which was based on the GameCube’s architecture, so when Nagoshi proposed doing an arcade version of F-Zero, I was really happy, as I had always been a fan of arcade games.

“Back then, Nagoshi was the top of Amusement Vision, a subsidiary studio of Sega. I don’t think many people outside the company were ever allowed inside the actual development offices. Companies don’t usually let people inside their development offices, but they showed me the arcade cabinets they were working on, which has become a special memory for me,” recalls Imamura. “Nagoshi had a professional darts machine in his office, which I thought was very stylish. In those days, Nagoshi still had long hair, but he was already quite imposing.”


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