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Blades has been updated to version 1.11 – My Nintendo News

We’re just 4 months away from the 1-year anniversary of the Nintendo Switch release of The Elder Scrolls: Blades. 8 months later, the game has still been receiving updates. The updates have added content and, of course, polished the game of any bugs and other technical issues that had been found.

Well, another update for the Nintendo Switch version of The Elder Scrolls: Blades has been released. This brings the game to version 1.11. This update adds content for “Heart’s Day”, the in-game equivalent of Valentine’s Day, and fixes some more bugs. The official patch notes are down below.


  • A new year begins, the snow is gone, and the Heart’s Day game icon is back.
  • Enjoy a new special Event quest filled with passion and adventure: “Fire and Ice”.
  • Celebrate the season of love with Heart’s Day decorations, back in Store for a limited time.


  • Watch for Sigil Store updates over the next month for powerful new items to purchase.


  • Arena: Shield no longer appears invisible when blocking late with a low block.
  • iOS: fixed a crash when accessing Loadouts from the Main Menu.
  • General: fixed the pivots settings for Divine Stalhrim Weapons, Purifier’s Coccoon.
  • General: various small fixes and visual improvements.
  • Menus: entering In-App store from insufficient gem prompt no longer leads to locked controls.
  • Quests: placing the Varla Stones in Founder’s Statue before starting “The Founder’s Statue” quest will no longer cause the game to crash nor block progression.
  • Quests: balancing of Ogres and Golden Saints to make them less difficult.
  • Quests: potions button now appears during combat, ineffective poisons no longer recommended in “Servants of the Blue God” Event quest.
  • Quests: fixed wrong recommendation icon for “The Thunder and the Fury” Event quest.
  • Quests: fixed situation where dialogue of NPCs didn’t change after completing objectives for “Pool of Despair”, “A Treacherous Quarry” quests.
  • Town: Town is now back to regular (non-snowy) appearance.
  • Town: fixed crash when repairing equipment at the bottom of the equipment list, error when using the “Repair All” button.


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