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Apple’s plans for a March event may have changed – here’s the latest

If Apple plans to host a special event in March to reveal new iPad Pro models and AirTags trackers, then it’s cutting it fine to announce the plans. Especially when the rumoured date was March 23.

Now, according to an increasingly high profile leaker, Apple is actually planning to hold the event in April. John Prosser reckons Apple has decided to hold off until next month to hold its traditional spring showcase.

Apple has announced products in March for the last few years, traditionally iPad models, but it appears the company is biding it’s time around. The reported decision will cost Prosser his eyebrows, as he’d promised to shave them if an earlier March 23 prediction wound up being incorrect.

It’s also plausible Apple won’t hold an event at all, but will choose to reveal its new products via a press release, as it has on some occasions.

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When the announcements do occur, many observers are expecting updated iPad Pro models debuting mini LED display technology. It’s also likely to be Apple’s first tablet to offer 5G technology, following the launch of first 5G iPhone in late 2020. We’d also expect the tablet to include a beefed-up A14 Bionic processor. We’re not expecting too many design changes.

Also on-deck are the long-awaited AirTags item trackers, which are expected to rival the existing Tile trackers. Rumours have also pointed to a possible launch of AirPods 3, but they’re now expected to arrive much later in the year. We’re certainly not expecting an updated iPhone SE with 5G, probably until next year. It’s possible Apple will announce the latest batch of M1-powered Macs too.

What are you hoping to see from Apple in the coming weeks? Do Apple launches still hold the same allure after all these years? Let us know @trustedreviews on Twitter.

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