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Amazon Prime Day 2021 dates could be earlier than ever

The Amazon Prime Day 2021 sales event could take place as soon as June this year, according to a new report citing company insiders.

In the before times, pre pandemic, Amazon regularly held Prime Day in July, but that could be shifted forward Recode sources say. The report says Prime Day 2021 is likely to take place during the middle/end of June.

Last year Amazon delayed Prime Day until October 2020 as it prioritised regular deliveries for those folks unable to get out to the shops during lockdown. Given the level of extra business Amazon took in during that time, it’s rapid Prime delivery network was stretched to the limit with items taking weeks to arrive.

There was also the question of the morality of holding a consumerism-fest when millions of people were losing their jobs and thousands losing their lives. Amazon already boosted its revenue by 40 percent during the peak lockdown season, with CEO Jeff Bezos receiving scrutiny for the tremendous boost to his personal wealth in tandem with concerns over the working conditions for Amazon employees in warehouses and on the road.

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This year things are looking much brighter, heading towards the summer, with the vaccine rollouts providing some much-needed hope. The company’s 150 million Prime members, could be champing at the bit to get some summertime deals.

Amazon will likely offer massive discounts on its own-branded Alexa-powered speakers and displays, its popular Fire TV range and loads more of its hardware. From there, you can expect literally thousands of discounts on absolutely everything the online repository offers. Naturally, we’ll be tracking the entire event and bringing the best possible deals to you whether Prime Day is in June, July or October.

Would you be splurging on Prime Day this year? What are you eyeing up? Let us know @trustedreviews on Twitter. 

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