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Ace Attorney Orchestra 2021 announced and will be streamed worldwide – My Nintendo News

Fans of the long-running Ace Attorney series will be pleased to find out that an orchestra performing key music from the franchise will be streamed online. The event will be held online on Saturday, 10th April in Japan and more information has been divulged on the official website. The Ace Attorney event will also feature a number of special guests including developers and voice actors. Stay tuned for more details:

“An added element of the streamed show will be the opportunity for fans to experience synchronized video clips from the game alongside the orchestra’s live performance, something unique to the online setting. 

This year’s show will feature a “best hits” selection of the most popular songs performed at past concerts.
During live streaming, fans can vote on Twitter for the soundtracks to be performed at the concert, another unique feature only possible through live streaming.

As special guests of the show, voice actors from the game will be on stage, including Takayuki Kondo, Shinji Kawada, and Eiji Takemoto who will be the MC. Please look forward to their talk session!”


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